Disability services

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Getting outcomes for disability educators

Disability services are part of the AEU’s TAFE and Adult Provision (TAP) sector. Across disability services, the AEU represents day service instructors, program managers, business services officers and employment officers.

The skills, experience and qualifications of professionals working in disability services have been undervalued for too long – but the AEU recognises your professionalism and campaigns hard to improve your working life.

Some of our important advances for disability members include:

  • Historic equal pay case brought by federal ASU and AEU Victoria, giving community, social and adult disability workers pay increases of up to 41%.
  • Establishing a working party with peak employers to discuss developing a Multi-Enterprise Agreement for all employees.
  • Regular meetings with government to ensure the roll out of the NDIS does not adversely affect workers’ pay and conditions.

We have many campaigns still to win – so join us and become part of the growing power of the AEU.

AEU: the union for disability services employees

The AEU is the peak representative body for day service instructors, program managers, business services officers and employment officers working in disability services in Victoria. We have a seat at the table for all the major developments in your profession.

The AEU’s priorities are set by members. In the disability services, they include:

  • Higher salaries.
  • Better career opportunities.
  • Reduced workload.
  • Significant increase in secure, permanent employment.
  • Action on workplace health and safety issues, such as workplace violence.

As part of the Australian union movement, we also proudly work for a better, fairer society – campaigning for social justice, and proper investment in public assets such as healthcare and education.

Join us, so we can support you at work!