Women workers hit by Jobkeeper cuts and end to free childcare

Throughout the pandemic and economic crisis, women have had their jobs destroyed and their hours cut at a faster rate than men.

Some 95% of the 200,000 workers in the childcare sector are women who are undervalued and underpaid. 

Despite this, Scott Morrison has targeted this sector as the first to be kicked off the Jobkeeper program. 

With the end to free childcare, Morrison is also making it much harder for those relying on childcare and early childhood education to continue to work or to find work during this challenging time.

These workers deserve our support. The ACTU is asking union members and supporters to send them a message of support here

Women across the labour market are already losing their jobs and facing cuts to working hours at a greater rate than men as a result of the recession. 

The federal government's decision to end free early childhood education and throw educators off JobKeeper is cruel and short-sighted. Tell Morrison it is not good enough.

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