VGSA 2021: It's about time

It's time to turn up the heat on the state government - join our week of action

The VGSA, the document which outlines pay and conditions for public school staff, expired on 30 April. While current conditions stay in place until a new agreement is reached, it's time for the state government to deliver.

More than 10,000 school staff have detailed unmanageable workloads in the 2021 State of Our Schools survey.

Teachers, principals, and ES need workload relief now. And many ES staff urgently need a fair wage which recognises their value and professionalism.

As a union, our strength is in our numbers. That's why AEU members are standing up together to demand a better deal.

Get involved in our week of action: stand with AEU members across Victoria and tell the state government to deliver a new agreement which addresses members' concerns.

Get involved in the week of action, 3-9 May 2021.

1. Wear red with your AEU sub-branch

AEU members will be working with their sub-branch to pick a day between 3-7 May 2021, and coordinate wearing red to school. You can wear your AEU t-shirt if you've got one, or be creative!
It's important to get as many staff as possible involved. 

Take a photo and share it to social media under the hashtag #SupportSchoolStaff or send it directly to [email protected]

This action is about strength in numbers, so make sure you register your action below.

2. "Show us what work you're doing on Sunday night", from 6-9pm on Sunday 9 May

What does your Sunday night look like? For most school staff, it involves lesson planning, marking, catching up on work, or answering emails. It often means missing out on time with friends and family because of your workload. 

Help us shed light on the unfair expectations put on public school staff. Snap a photo of yourself working on Sunday night, and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SupportSchoolStaff. Explain what work you're doing on the weekend, and how this impacts upon you, your family or your students. 

After Sunday night, members will be keeping the pressure on. Any time you find yourself working after hours, make another post on social media. 

3. Take the pledge to be more involved in the campaign

Taking the pledge means you’re committed to take action to support the campaign to improve your pay and conditions.

Campaign activities will involve working with your sub-branch and with active members in other schools, engaging with your school community and putting pressure on politicians directly, and through social media.

4. Download this poster to encourage more members to get involved in the campaign.

Please add this poster to your AEU noticeboard so that members can quickly connect to campaign activities using the QR code.

Download poster


Learn about the VGSA in AEU News

Catch up on our articles about the negotiations process, and our approach to the big issues such as excessive workload. You can also read about how we're supporting CRTs, principal class members, ES staff and women members.

( Some of these articles are member-only, so log in with your AEU credentials to read.)

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What is the VGSA (Victorian Government Schools Agreement?)
If you work as a teacher, principal or education support staff member in a public school, the Victorian Government Schools Agreement (VGSA) is the document that sets out your pay and conditions. We are negotiating a new Schools Agreement with your employer, the Department of Education and Training.
What are we asking for in the new agreement?
The AEU is arguing for improvements outlined in the union's Log of Claims , which was developed democratically by members.

How does the negotiations process work?
This article outlines how we get from A to B when advocating for better pay and conditions for members.

How can I hear an update on how the negotiations are going?
We've been sharing regular updates about the process via email, and will continue to do this. However the rules around 'negotiating in good faith' limit what we can put in writing. For a verbal rundown, attend your local regional meeting

Member-only emails and Log of Claims

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