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Getting a job: Casual relief teaching

Considering starting your teacher career working as a CRT?  This is the webinar for you.  We will cover:

  • Your working rights and entitlements.
  • Tips on how to find work.
  • VIT and professional learning.
  • How we can improve the working conditions of CRTs.
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Getting a job: Early Childhood pay and conditions

Awards, Enterprise agreements, contracts and conditions. Employment conditions for Early Childhood teachers in Victoria can vary widely. Join us for discussion about: 

  • Pay and conditions for EC teachers.
  • What to look for before you sign your first contract.
  • Where to go to for employment information and support.
  • What can be done to improve EC teacher pay and working conditions.
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Returning to work after parental leave

Will you soon be returning to work after taking parental leave? This webinar discusses how to request part-time work; work as a CRT; keeping in touch days; breastfeeding and lactation breaks and much more.  

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Consultation: long term planning

The long term planning document summarises how the school will operate the following year. This webinar gives you an understanding on what should be included in it, and how to get your sub-branch to pay attention and support you as their rep during this yearly process.

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Getting a job - Interviews

This webinar offers advice and ideas on how to prepare yourself for a government school teaching position interview. The webinar will cover: What to expect at an interview; Presenting yourself in the best light; and Answering tricky questions.

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Getting a job - schools key selection criteria

This webinar offers advice and ideas on how to present yourself and your experience when preparing your next written job application for a government school. The webinar will cover: What are Key Selection Crtiteria; How to present yourself well, while also meeting a set of Key Selection Criteria; and Common pitfalls.

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Consultation: What should go on the agenda?

Once your committee is up and running, it's time to start using this forum to have the opinions of your sub-branch heard. But what kinds of things can be discussed at the CC? How and when do you put items on the agenda? This webinar discusses this and more.

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Consultation 1: Setting up for success

Consultation is key to ensuring the Agreement is fully implemented, and for staff to have input into the decisions that affect their working lives. But what is it exactly, and how can it be set up to ensure the best chance of success? Watch this webinar to find out.

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Everything you want to know about PINs

Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) are an important protection under the OHS Act. Where an OHS hazard is present in a workplace a Health and Safety Rep may issue a PIN to prompt resolution of the matter. How do PINs work and what do they entail? This webinar discusses PINs and how they can be used in schools and workplaces.

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HSRs in Schools: Network Meeting

In this webinar we discuss the latest information relevant for Health and Safety Reps in Schools, and discuss next steps during this pandemic.

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