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Graduate - Contracts and Entitlements

Are you graduating this year? Do you want to know your pay and conditions will be when you start out? Find out here!

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VGSA17: Consultation

Learn what your consultation committee and sub-branch should be doing to put the VGSA 2017 into practice.

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VGSA17: Workforce planning

Want to learn key information about how to give your staff more secure work in the form of ongoing positions? Find out here!

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VGSA17: Professional practice days

Each teacher will receive four days a year (one day per term; pro-rate for part-timers) to focus on work directly related to their classroom, commencing 2018. Further information available here.

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VGSA17: 30+8 and other changes to your work

See here for discussion about the new 30+8 clause in the VGSA2017 as well as clauses that relate to teachers' attendance at work, such as start time, meetings and lunch time. 

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VGSA17: Other new working conditions

Learn about the number improvements to working conditions that will have a positive impact on your working lives.

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VGSA17: ES Translation to ongoing

Changes to contract processes will see thousands of teachers and ES automatically translated to ongoing employment. This webinar will put you on the front foot to get the best out of the new agreement.

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Consultation: SRP

This webinar contains vital information on how to read your school’s Student Resource Package (SRP).

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Want to understand how the excess process works from the very beginning, to ensure it is followed properly at your school? Then this webinar is for you!

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ES: Consultation

What is consultation? What should we consult about and what does it look like? If you would like to improve the consultative process for ES in your school, this is the webinar for you.

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