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Negotiation skills

Information in this webinar will assist you to be able to negotiate working hours, workload or working conditions.

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ES: Are you being consulted?

This webinar discusses many things that should be consulted: time fraction changes; contract start/end dates; attendance in the holidays; ES return date in 2018.

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Graduate - Contracts and Entitlements

Are you graduating this year? Do you want to know what your pay and conditions will be when you start out? Find out here!

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VGSA17: Consultation

Learn what your consultation committee and sub-branch should be doing to put the VGSA 2017 into practice.

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VGSA17: Workforce planning

Want to learn key information about how to give your staff more secure work in the form of ongoing positions? Find out here!

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VGSA17: Professional practice days

Each teacher will receive four days a year (one day per term; pro-rate for part-timers) to focus on work directly related to their classroom, commencing 2018. Further information available here.

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VGSA17: 30+8 and other changes to your work

This webinar is about the new 30+8 clause in the VGSA2017 as well as clauses that relate to teachers' attendance at work, such as start time, meetings and lunch time. 

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VGSA17: Other new working conditions

Learn about a number improvements to working conditions in the VGSA2017 that will have a positive impact on your working life.

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VGSA17: ES Translation to ongoing

Changes to contract processes will see thousands of teachers and ES automatically translated to ongoing employment. This webinar discusses how this will happen.

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Consultation: SRP

This webinar contains vital information on how to read your school’s Student Resource Package (SRP).

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