TAFE: Allowances

The following allowances apply unless referred to below as a local institute variation and deducted from a teachers teaching duty hours.

Administrative and program allowance

  • 30 hours per full-time teacher (minimum)

  • Allocated for both institute-wide and department purposes.

Large department allowances

Departments of 16 or more staff (excluding Heads of Department) receive a coordination allowance of 30 hours for each extra teacher above 16.

Senior Educators (formerly 'head of department (HODs) and program coordinator (PCs)') allowance.

Senior educators who also teach are given an allowance to carry out their leadership roles.

SE2/3 (HODs) receive between 240 and 560 hours per annum.

SE1 (PCs) receive 240 hours per annum.

Curriculum Allowances

Unless listed below as an individual institute variation, the following applies:

  • 80 hours Teachers of degree programs
  • 80 hours Teachers of VCE programs
  • 80 hours Teachers of Associate Diplomas or equivalent
  • 80 hours Teachers of courses involved in:
    • Moderation of assessment in an accredited course
    • Work associated with formal out of class examinations
    • Preparation of assessment materials for formal out of class assessment
    • Preparation and development of learning or assessment materials for use by teachers in competency, distance/flexible, articulated or other learning approaches
  • Pro-rata to time spent in each teaching program.

Specific institute variations

Federation University

  • Each school receives a pool of hours
  • Pool is student contact hours x 0.007
  • A further pool is allocated for complexity of delivery.

Box Hill

  1. Teachers delivering AQF 4/Certificate IV or above, VCE or equivalent 80 hours.
  2. Teachers delivering AQF 3/Certificate III or below 40 hours (only if linked to 1).


  • No large department allowance.


  • Curriculum allowances called Education Development Time Allowance (EDTA)
  • Time allocated will be monitored annually by the Institute Consultative Committee and will not be less than that prescribed in the MBA for curriculum allowances
  • 1,200 hours of this time can be used for institute wide projects
  • Hours allocated will be proportionate to student contact hours
  • Work teams will distribute all EDTA time to individual teachers based on agreed education development plans.


Each teaching centre to achieve an average of 720 hours per annum per teacher in academic courses and 800 hours per annum in trade programs.

Melbourne Polytechnic

  • Teachers to average 730 teaching duty hours per annum in Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses
  • Teachers to average 780 teaching duty hours per annum in Certificate I, II and III programs.


  • No large department and administrative and program time allowances.


  • Curriculum Allowances
    • 60 hours Certificate IV programs
    • 80 hours Diploma programs
    • 80 hours VCE units 3 & 4 (excluding VET)
  • Initiative & Development Allowances
    • 10 hours per EFT teacher allocated by department manager
    • 20 hours for teachers in their first year


  • All teachers receive 50 hours time allowance
  • An agreed pool of time for institute curriculum development purposes.


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