Stress and burnout key safety concerns

Monash University report has found that stress and burnout are among the chief health and safety concerns for AEU members, with 51% experiencing an OHS incident in the past year.

Work pressure, increased or changing workloads, and the demands of looking after students with personal difficulties were common causes of stress.

AEU Victoria president Meredith Peace says survey results showing that 55% of educators have suffered from work-related stress or mental health issues in the past year are "concerning but not surprising".

The findings were part of a research project carried out by Monash University in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria, the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research and SafeWork Australia. Researchers interviewed nearly 5,000 AEU Victoria members across all sectors and results were published on Thursday.

Peace said the findings highlighted once more why adequate funding for public education is so vital. She says education workers across all sectors require greater support to meet the complex educational and welfare needs of students, particularly those with additional needs.

"Our hardworking educators deserve a public system that enables them to meet the needs of students without putting their own health and wellbeing at risk.

"Workload and stress can only be alleviated when our public education system is adequately funded across all sectors," Peace said.

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