School staff call on Hinch to block Turnbull's cuts

Principals, teachers and support staff will rally at Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch’s office today, calling on him to block the Turnbull Government’s education cuts when the legislation is put before the Senate in coming days.

Meredith Peace, AEU Victorian Branch President said school staff wanted to send a strong message to Senator Hinch, showing him they do not support Turnbull’s attempt to slash $630 million from Victorian public schools, and they expect him to block the cuts.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s planned cuts will be a disaster for Victorian students. The new scheme will see some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children miss out on the targeted support, resources and specialised teachers they need in the classroom.

“Turnbull’s plan does not deliver genuine needs-based funding and means 84% of all public schools won’t meet minimum resource standards by 2027. 

“Senator Hinch must stand up Victorian for students and reject this flawed plan in the Senate next week.  He must not buckle under pressure and make a deal that will see our schools miss out on crucial funding and stay under-resourced for the next decade.  

“At the moment schools do not have enough resources to meet the needs of students.  Turnbull’s cuts will see the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged schools widen and struggling students will miss out on the support they need to succeed at school.

“Turnbull’s attempt to abandon the existing Gonski Agreement is an attack on a funding system that has been getting results over the past two years in Victoria. By trashing the signed agreement this Government is letting down tens of thousands of public school students across the state that need additional, targeted support. 

“We are looking to Senator Hinch to stand up for these students and to block Turnbull’s planned school cuts which will only entrench disadvantage in our communities.

“Senator Hinch must now decide whether he is going to act in the interests of our most vulnerable students, or bow to pressure from the Turnbull Government,” said Ms Peace.

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