Running a sub-branch meeting

Sub-branches are the building-blocks of the AEU – but they don’t happen overnight.

Building an active and empowered sub-branch requires collective commitment and discipline, as well as a sound understanding of the role of the sub-branch, and the AEU rules.

How to run a good meeting

With our working lives so full of meetings, aim to make your AEU sub-branch meeting one of the good ones! Whether you are chairing, taking minutes, participating or merely observing, it takes practice to run an effective meeting.

Good meetings are planned, well-chaired and make decisions that are implemented. Here are some tips for good practice:

  • Circulate agendas in advance.
  • Designate a chairperson (chairing should be purposeful, efficient and fair – but with a mind to guiding the group towards making decisions).
  • Take minutes.
  • Ensure AEU standing orders and sub-branch rules are available and meeting protocol is observed.
  • Enforce limited speaking times.
  • Make decisions.
  • Designate who is responsible for implementing each decision.
  • Identify a date by which decisions must be implemented.

Suggested agenda:

  • Declare meeting open.
  • Confirmation of previous minutes.
  • Outstanding business from previous minutes.
  • Financial report.
  • List of any new agenda items.
  • General business.

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