Revitalising your sub-branch

Sub-branches, like people, fluctuate in activity and strength. When they are filled with active, engaged members, they are a force to be reckoned with. But all sub-branches can ebb as people move on.

Fortunately, revitalising a sub-branch is easy! Here’s a handy checklist to ensure your sub-branch is firing on all pistons. 

Filled all your sub-branch positions?

Did you know your sub-branch can choose the roles it needs to operate effectively?

Possible roles can include:

Your sub-branch should select the roles that work for your particular circumstances. 

Got a recruitment plan?

Do some analysis of AEU membership density at your workplace.

Next, compare this list to your workplace staff list to find out who the potential new members are. Then identify who is best placed to approach potential members.

We’ve got all the arguments you need for having that recruitment conversation, with our refresher on all the big-picture reasons to join the union and our handy recruitment tips.

Updated your AEU noticeboard?

It’s important to have a visual union presence in the staff room, and the best way is by providing an AEU noticeboard. This is a great place to post visually enticing material such as recruitment, training and conference posters.

You can find a lot of this material on the AEU website, but you should also feel free to contact your organiser.

Applied for sub-branch or regional funding?

Did you know sub-branches and regions can apply to the AEU for annual funding? This funding can be used in a variety of ways such as recruitment activities, refreshments for AEU meetings, stationery or an AEU banner.

Applications should be in before the end of Term 2 each year.

Sub-branch structural funding

Got effective consultation processes in place?

Consultation is a great way to get better outcomes and raise the profile of the AEU in the workplace. The key to consultation is ensuring effective processes are in place.

For example, as a sub-branch, you can negotiate how parent–teacher interviews are structured, and take the initiative in ensuring your workplace has a documented long-term plan.

Sample long-term plans

Scheduled regular sub-branch meetings?

A meeting schedule is vital. It ensures AEU members have a reliable forum to ask questions, raise issues, and discuss AEU communications and requests.

When scheduling your meetings, consider accessibility for part-time or casual colleagues.

Provided members with an overview of their working conditions?

It is always beneficial to revisit the enterprise agreement to ensure all AEU members in your workplace are clear on basic working conditions, such as leave, attendance and time-in-lieu.

Attended regional meetings?

Regional meetings are a great way to hear the latest news, and to get updates on developments that have to be limited via email (such as enterprise bargaining).

It’s also a good way to get to know AEU members beyond the workplace. Forming relationships across various workplaces is a great way to learn new ways of doing things.

Asked members to get involved in campaigning?

The AEU is a campaigning union. Our members have a long track record of successful campaigning for better outcomes for themselves, their students, their colleagues and the communities they live in.

Your sub-branch should nominate a member to keep a regular eye on AEU campaigns and share any relevant news. Sub-branch reps also get weekly requests for action via the AEU Reps Bulletin.

Campaigning doesn’t just mean reading and understanding, it means getting active. Sub-branches are the most important vehicle for generating member activity and creating a culture of engagement.

Accessed our training, conferences and webinars?

The AEU offers a huge range of training and conferences to build member skills and knowledge. Click here to view what's coming up.

Considered other activities?

Your sub-branch knows your workplace and your members best. There are plenty of creative ways to engage your colleagues and increase AEU membership numbers and activity.

Remember, AEU organisers are always available to visit your workplace to advise, assist or just chat about your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!