Nominate now for Sub-branch and Rep of the Year

AEU representatives are key to building powerful workplaces and growing our union. The work that AEU representatives do in protecting and improving our wages and conditions, campaigning for public education and supporting colleagues is vital.

Information regarding these awards including how and who to nominate is included below:

Rep of the Year

This award recognised the significant achievement and commitment made by our sub-branches or workplace representatives. AEU reps drive the work of the AEU, and all members should celebrate their effort and commitment.

We are looking for reps who have:

  • Strongly represented the interests of AEU members.
  • Demonstrated work in developing the sub-branch/workplace structures.
  • Been proactive in resolving workplace issues and utilising the consultative committee.
  • Grown union membership in the sub-branch or workplace.
  • Built an AEU union culture within the workplace.
  • Provide regular communication to colleagues on the work being done.

Who is eligible to receive this award?

  • Any AEU rep in the workplace.

Who can make a nomination?

  • Any AEU member.
  • Any AEU sub-branch / workplace.
  • Any AEU region.

Nominations are now open and will close on Thursday, 7 May at 12pm.

AEU 2020 Rep of the Year Award - nomination here

The award will be announced and presented at the Reps conference on Friday, 22 May.  


Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates the significant achievement and commitment made by members in sub-branches and workplaces.

We are looking for sub-branches/workplaces who have:

  • Developed a plan to grow the union.
  • Built a strong team of union reps within their executive.
  • Successfully represented the interests of union members and the AEU.
  • Been proactive in resolving workplace issues and utilising the consultative committee.
  • Built an AEU culture within their workplace.
  • Developed the skills of existing and new executive members.

Who can make a nomination?  

  • You can nominate your own sub-branch/workplace or be nominated.
  • Any AEU member.
  • Any AEU region.
  • Any AEU organiser, AEU staff member or elected leader.

AEU 2020 Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year Award - nomination here

Region of the Year

This award recognises the collaborative work that each region has done in the previous 12 months and awards one region with the title of Region of the Year.  

There is no nomination process for the Region of the Year award, instead the AEU elected leadership discusses the work of each region and comes to a consensus which region has developed and contributed to the overall goals of the union. It is therefore a total surprise to all those present at the conference to whom the winner is.

Previous Winners of these awards

Rep of the Year
2019 - Hanae Honda
2017 - Stacey Doleman (Boneo Primary School)

Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year
2019 - Fitzroy High School
2018 - Brunswick North Primary School

Region of the Year
2019 - Peninsula
2018 - Inner City

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