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Here’s where you will find all of AEU Victoria’s research, submissions, policy positions and branch council resolutions.

AEU Victoria has a dedicated team of experienced researchers who draft submissions to inquiries, reviews and consultations. They also regularly conduct surveys and research into the views and professional experiences of its members across all sectors.

The AEU’s annual State of Our Schools survey, for example, is among the most comprehensive surveys of school leaders conducted in the state, generating important media about the needs and interests of Victoria’s public schools.

AEU Victorian Branch Council passes regular resolutions on a range of educational, industrial and broader political issues of particular concern to members.

Council resolutions and results from the AEU’s most recent research are also posted here. Academics and others who wish to access earlier results for longitudinal research purposes should contact the AEU research unit at [email protected].

Resolution on asylum seekers

AEU Joint Secondary and Primary Council resolution on refugees and asylum seekers, February 2016: The AEU Victorian Branch Council condemns the Turnbull government’s decision to return 267 asylum seeker children and their families to the off-shore detention centre in Nauru.

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Resolution on children in detention

AEU Victorian Branch Council resolution on asylum seeker and refugee children in detention, October 2015: The AEU Victorian Branch Council condemns the Federal Government for continuing to detain asylum seeker and refugee children in detention centres.


Resolution on Early Childhood stopwork

Early Childhood Council Resolution on stopwork, August 2015: The EC Sector Council endorses the suspension of stop work action planned for Thursday 13 August.

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Resolution on asylum seekers and refugees

AEU Joint Primary and Secondary Council resolution on the Forgotten Children, February 13, 2015: Advocating for a fair, just and humane asylum seeker and refugee policy that complies with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Regional support services: submission

AEU Victoria's submission to the Victorian Government's review, 'Strengthening DET regional relationships and support', June 2015

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