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Here’s where you will find all of AEU Victoria’s research, submissions, policy positions and branch council resolutions.

AEU Victoria has a dedicated team of experienced researchers who draft submissions to inquiries, reviews and consultations. They also regularly conduct surveys and research into the views and professional experiences of its members across all sectors.

The AEU’s annual State of Our Schools survey, for example, is among the most comprehensive surveys of school leaders conducted in the state, generating important media about the needs and interests of Victoria’s public schools.

AEU Victorian Branch Council passes regular resolutions on a range of educational, industrial and broader political issues of particular concern to members.

Council resolutions and results from the AEU’s most recent research are also posted here. Academics and others who wish to access earlier results for longitudinal research purposes should contact the AEU research unit at


Teacher burnout survey

Primary and secondary school teachers are invited to participate in a short, anonymous survey about teacher burnout in Australia.

The aim of this study is to explore the correlates of burnout and to determine what role they play in turnover intentions and well being.

Category: Surveys

Resolution on in-principle Schools Agreement

AEU Joint Primary and Secondary Council resolution on Schools Agreement, March 23, 2017: Council recommends to members the endorsement of the proposed Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017 and the associated package of improvements.

Category: Resolutions

School principals under greater pressure than ever

The Australian Education Union has released the State of our Schools Survey today, showing that Victorian public school principals are dealing with peak levels of stress and workload.

Category: Surveys

Resolution on Schools Agreement

AEU Joint Primary and Secondary Council resolution on Schools Agreement negotiations, February 2017: Monitor ongoing negotiations and finalise application to Fair Work Commission for protected action ballot.

Category: Resolutions

Stress and burnout key safety concerns

Monash University report has found that stress and burnout are among the chief health and safety concerns for AEU members, with 51% experiencing an OHS incident in the past year.

Category: Surveys

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