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AEU Victoria's Professional Voice journal aims to stimulate debate on contemporary professional and curriculum issues.

Edition 14.2: Re-evaluations

The articles in this edition of Professional Voice provide new ideas and understandings about climate futures education, pedagogy, staff welfare, professional autonomy, school autonomy, autobiographical episodic memory and a re-imagining of schooling reform.

Editorial: Re-evaluations
John Graham

Australia needs a climate change education policy
Hilary Whitehouse

Climate justice education: The need for climate action in education
Natalie Purves

Explicit instruction v Inquiry-based teaching: A case study in narrowing the education debate
Alan Reid

What can schools do to support teacher wellbeing?
Rebecca Collie

Autobiographical episodic memory: A missing link in remote teaching
John Munro

Public Education and school autonomy reform: Implications for social justice
Katrina MacDonald, Jill Blackmore and Amanda Keddie

Australia’s failed quest to revolutionise schools
Glenn C Savage

Edition 14.1: Assessment, technology and the impact of social concerns

This edition is about the impact of social concerns on education and reassessing two of the longstanding and still current debates within schooling – assessment and technology.

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Edition 13.3: The new basics

The articles in this journal make a case for reinterpreting the basics of schooling to ensure that education is fit for the sort of evolving society and economy we want to live in.

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Edition 13.2: Learning in the shadow of the pandemic

This winter edition is being published in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. The articles we feature either implicitly, or in some cases explicitly acknowledge this situation.

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