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Public schools denied fair funding despite soaring enrolments


​The Morrison government will cut $14 billion in funding from public schools in Australia over the next decade, despite new figures showing that...
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Big business puts profit ahead of students and TAFE


A proposal from big business groups for the federal government to take over responsibility for Australia’s vocational education and training sector...
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Van launch

National van tour highlights the Morrison govt’s public school funding crisis


A fleet of Fair Funding Now! vans will visit public schools in marginal electorates across Australia to highlight the $14 billion which has been...
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Private school funding growing ten times faster than public school funding under Morrison government


A Productivity Commission report into childcare, education and training has shown that per student growth in federal government funding for private...
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Public schools to miss out on billions thanks to Morrison’s shonky deals


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s appalling bilateral school funding agreements with the states and territories mean public schools in those...
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