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School's back but Turnbull still failing on education

As students start Term 2 today not a single Victorian school has funding certainty in 2018. Malcolm Turnbull’s continued failure to back Gonski needs-based funding means schools cannot plan for next year or beyond.

AEU Victoria says Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement that he will cut $3.8 billion education funding leaves parents, principals, teachers and support staff deeply concerned.

Gonski buses arrive in Canberra

A delegation of teachers and principals, led by AEU federal president Correna Haythorpe, has arrived at Parliament House in Canberra to highlight the importance of ongoing Gonski funding.

More than 90% of principals whose schools received Gonski funding say it is making a ‘significant difference’ to their schools, as part of the AEU annual State of Our Schools survey.

Students who struggle with literacy and numeracy, or who have a disability or learning difficulty, will suffer the most if Malcolm Turnbull scraps Gonski funding after 2017, the survey found.

New data shows majority of students in under-resourced schools

More than half of Australian students are in schools where maths and science teaching are affected by resource shortages, the latest international data shows.     

The PISA and TIMSS data released today also confirm that resourcing makes a difference, with Year 8 maths and science students in adequately resourced schools performing significantly better than those in under-resourced schools.

All aboard for Gonski

The I Give a Gonski campaign is stepping up with the launch of a national bus tour – aimed at getting the message to the community that Gonski is getting results, and that our kids can’t afford Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

The next few months is crunch time for Gonski, as we fight Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to scrap Gonski needs-based funding after 2017.

Two Gonski buses set off from Adelaide and Brisbane to visit schools and communities across Australia before arriving at Parliament House in Canberra on March 22.

Lack of resources hurting our principals

A new study released by Teachers Health Fund has found the main cause of stress for school principals was the "sheer quantity of administrative work" they are required to perform, and the lack of time to focus on teaching and learning.

The AEU says schools need to be properly resourced to relieve the rising principal stress level shown in the Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey.

Victorian school staff prepare for industrial action

Victorian teachers, principals and education support staff have resolved to take steps towards protected industrial action towards reaching an acceptable enterprise agreement.

Whilst negotiations have been constructive over the past 11 months, the Andrews government has failed to adequately address our claims regarding the excessive and unsustainable workloads of school staff.

Birmingham has no plans, just cuts for schools

The AEU is urging state and territory leaders to use today's meeting of education ministers in Melbourne to continue to resist the Federal Government's plan to end needs-based Gonski funding.

Ending Gonski after 2017 would deny schools $3.8 billion in extra resources in 2018 and 2019 alone.

AEU deputy federal president Maurie Mulheron said federal education minister Simon Birmingham had no plan for schools beyond cuts.

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