Matthew Guy must commit to funding schools not police in schools

The Australian Education Union in Victoria says Matthew Guy’s plan to embed full-time police officers in schools appears to be more about creating division rather than genuinely supporting Victorian school communities.

“Matthew Guy is out of touch with what is happening in our schools and what support our students and schools need,” said Meredith Peace, president of the Australian Education Union in Victoria.

“If Matthew Guy really wanted to help all Victorian children succeed academically and socially he would announce a comprehensive education plan with a  commitment to funding our schools to enable them to meet the needs of all students. His announcement on police in schools is just another thought bubble that is disconnected from the needs of our school communities.

“Many parents will be very concerned. Parents want to know that schools will be resourced by government to enable them to meet the individual needs of their children with appropriate support at the appropriate time, from a range of areas, including the police.

“Instead of funding a small number of police in less than one percent of our schools, Matthew Guy must promise not to cut school funding. Victorian schools need resources and support to address educational inequality and ensure all students receive a high quality education.

“This announcement risks creating division in our schools and communities. It is about law and order rather than building genuine relationships between students and the community more broadly, including police. Schools need to be safe places for students where they know they will be supported and have equal opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“Matthew Guy has not consulted teachers or principals. He is totally out of touch with what happens in Victorian classrooms. Parents want to see Matthew Guy’s education funding policy, not a grab bag of disconnected ideas,” said Ms Peace.

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