Malcolm Turnbull leaves Victorian students stranded

The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch said Victorian public schools students face significant funding shortfalls under Malcolm Turnbull’s new funding scheme. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wrote to Malcolm Turnbull yesterday criticising him for attempting to coerce Victoria into an unfair school funding deal.

Justin Mullaly, AEU Victorian Branch Deputy President says Premier Andrews must continue to stand up to Malcolm Turnbull and fight for a better deal for Victorian students and schools.

“In 2019 alone, our schools are set to receive $588 million less than agreed through the original Gonski school funding deal. The Prime Minister’s new funding arrangement shifts the cost to the Victorian Government while at the same time cutting the Commonwealth’s contribution to public schools.

“All students will be affected by the Turnbull Government’s abandonment of public schools, but it’s the most vulnerable students in our school system who will be most impacted by not receiving the additional support they need.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to fund public schools to 20 percent of the schooling resource standard will result in 85 per cent of public schools nationally not reaching that standard by 2023. This is unacceptable and is yet another case of resources being denied to our students.

“Parents and school staff across Victoria should not have to fight to make sure every public school is properly resourced.

“Daniel Andrews told Malcolm Turnbull Victorian students and parents ‘deserve far better treatment,’ - and they do. Malcolm Turnbull should not expect Victoria to sign off on a deal that will continue to leave Victorian public school students the lowest funded in the country,” said Mr Mullaly.

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