Information for members as EOFY approaches

When can I get my tax summary?

Members can request their tax summary for the end of financial year 2022-2023 from 5 July 2023. 

How can I get my tax summary?

Log in to your member dashboard on the AEU website at You will need the email address we have on your member record and the password you have saved.

Go to the 'manage your details' section on the left hand side of the screen, and click 'email my tax summary'.

If you have never logged on to the member dashboard before, click on 'existing member' and 'create member account' to create login details. 

If you have any issues with using your member dashboard please click here.

Why is the tax summary blank (e.g. $0.00)?

This will be blank because you have joined the union in the last two months and we offer new members the first two months free. You have not actually paid any union fees this financial year. 

What does my membership fees are paid 'in arrears' mean?

Your membership fees are paid every 28 days by direct debit from either a credit card or bank account. ‘In arrears’ means that each deduction is for the 28-days that have just passed. 

What does '100% tax deductible' mean?

'100% tax deductible' means that when you declare your taxable income you can deduct all of your union fees from this amount, so you reduce the total income you pay tax on. Essentially you do not pay tax on the amount you paid in union fee that financial year.

My details are different to those in the email – how do I change them?

You can change your details online at – login in to your member dashboard to update any contact, employment, leave and payment details that may have changed.

Remember: your fees are calculated based on the job you do (classification), and how many hours you work (time fraction).