Hinch to leave Victorian students $630m worse off

Schools across Victoria will miss out on $630 million over the next two years if the Turnbull Government’s education cuts plan passes the Senate as expected tomorrow. 

AEU Victoria president Meredith Peace says Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch must not vote for the education cuts, which will be a disaster for Victorian schools.

“Cutting Gonski funding will hurt kids across the country, but Victorian students are already funded approximately $2,000 less each year than other states. The worst affected will be the most disadvantaged and at risk children.

“Students across the country will miss out on $3.2 billion over the next two years. In Victoria, public schools will not meet the minimum student resource standard by 2027 and private schools will be over-resourced. The most vulnerable students in our school system will miss out."

Peace says children who need additional literacy and numeracy support, children with learning difficulties, children from regional areas and children who have English as a second language and Indigenous children will all continue to miss out under Turnbull’s plan. 

“Senator Hinch should vote to honour the signed agreement with the Victorian Government and support Victorian children. Education should not be politicised by ideological cuts that will see millions ripped from local schools. 

“The Turnbull Government’s plan simply will not deliver for the students most in need. The Government is rushing policy through Parliament without proper consultation with the sectors, stakeholders or school communities. 

“Senator Hinch is putting politics ahead of the interests of Victorian children. Parents, teachers, principals and support staff will not accept the Turnbull Government’s new scheme that leaves the most disadvantaged students without adequate funding. 

“Senator Hinch is not acting in the interests of our most vulnerable students. We will intensify our campaigning to hold our elected representatives to account for their decision on school funding,” said Peace

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