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Category: Training

Contact Name: Julie Lynch [email protected]

Event Information

The training is for two days Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th August


Level 3 Reps' Training courses

This course aims to connect Reps across workplaces and within region regions/sectors.  We will look at issues that impact on schools and members more broadly to identify areas where Reps can work together and harness the strength of their Region and promote positive change.  Reps will work in teams on one of the braod-based unions issues they have identified.


This course will focus the ES Dimensions of Work Working Party.  It is expected that reps will create a plan around how to create a Reference Group to provide feedback to the working party.


Level 4 Reps' Training courses

This course aims to develop Reps as union leaders within their regions and sectors.  It will provide a foundation and understanding of the union organising.  This course aims to develop confidence and the capacity of Reps to work with their school and region as union leaders and activists.



Start Date:
14 Aug 2019

End Date:
14 Aug 2019

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Venue Name
AEU Victoria

Venue Address:
126 Trenerry Crescent, ABBOTSFORD VIC 3067