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Category: Webinar
Start Date: 06/05/2019
End Date: 06/05/2019


The two benchmark early childhood enterprise agreements, VECTEA 2016 and EEEA 2016 are currently being negotiated by the AEU and employers. Join in this webinar to hear a report on:

> What the negotiations mean;

> Where negotiations are currently at; 

> What items are likely to cause disagreement between those at the table; 

> What members can do to make sure the AEU is able to get a good result. 

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions.

Category: Webinar
Start Date: 21/05/2019
End Date: 21/05/2019


Many members will only get active and help out in their sub-branch when they can see that it's achieving results for them. This webinar focuses on how to make sure you get those results by planning out some small things that you can achieve together with others in your sub-branch. The webinar will cover:

> deciding what is winnable; 

> mapping who can help; 

> planning to win; 

> sharing the win with others.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences.

Category: Webinar
Start Date: 28/05/2019
End Date: 28/05/2019



> Principal Workload 

> DET Network/Area Issues of Concern 

> PCA Feedback to the DET Employee Wellbeing and Operational Policy Reforms 

> Your Issues

Category: Webinar
Start Date: 11/06/2019
End Date: 11/06/2019


The 'Executive Principal' role is created in very specific circumstances within our education system. Understanding the aims and specialised application processes for these roles will aid your success when applying. This webinar will look at:

> What does the role 'Executive Principal' mean? 

> How is it different from a regular principal role? 

> How are the pay and conditions structured? 

> How do negotiations for conditions work? 

> What to know if you are applying for one of these roles.

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