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Category: Training
Start Date: 09/12/2019
End Date: 09/12/2019


This Level 1 Reps' Training course is for you if you are new to the role or have never received formal training.

 It aims to strengthen your skills and knowledge as an AEU rep, including:

> the role of the rep

> mapping

> recruitment

> sub-branch and executive structures

> building activism

> taking up sub-branch issues.

Morning tea and lunch provided.

Category: Training
Start Date: 13/12/2019
End Date: 13/12/2019


Early career teachers are the future of our union. We need to develop activist leaders who will represent the issues of early career members.

This full-day training is for early career teacher members and Day 1 of an ongoing activist development program that teaches campaigning and member leadership skills. The programme aims for participants to get active in early career networks, and to support strong and active union workplaces . These skills can be used in our broader education funding campaigns, and other social justice issues.

Category: Training
Start Date: 31/01/2020
End Date: 31/01/2020


This course aims to strengthen your skills and knowledge as an AEU rep, a member of the executive or an active member of the sub-branch. A strong sub-branch understands the MEA, including the various dispute resolution procedures.

It includes:

> Discussion of shared union values 

> Practical ways to create and grow an effective and powerful sub-branch

> Strategies to activate sub-branch members

> An introduction to the MEAIG and dispute resolution procedures

> Creating a plan to use your sub-branch time for greatest effect

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