Credit/Refund of Membership Fees Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assist with the effective management of the operating funds of the AEU VIC Branch, with the specific intention to encourage members to provide advice of changes to their membership details, in such a way as to limit the necessity for any refund of fees paid to the organisation.

AEU VIC Branch membership fees, where debited every 28 days from a nominated account, are collected ‘in arrears’ – that is, the 28 days up to the date of collection. Where the fees are managed by periodical invoice they are paid ‘in advance’.

Regardless of method of payment, fees continue to accrue until such date as the Branch receives written instruction from the member to cease the membership.

1. Members are required to notify the Branch in writing of changes to their membership within 28 days of the change occurring. It is preferable for members to advise us in advance of any known change.

2. Where a member does not notify the Branch in writing and fees continue to be collected, the member has the capacity to write to the Branch Secretary requesting a refund. The Branch Secretary may authorise a refund to the member of overpaid fees for a period of 28 days, or the period of overpayment, whichever is the lesser.

Circumstances in which this provision may apply include, but are not limited to:
a. Cancellation of membership (in accordance with Federal Rule 17 resignations must be submitted in writing; either hard copy or electronic form are accepted)
b. Periods of Leave Without Pay
c. A reduction in hours of employment
d. Periods of Half-Pay Leave

3. A member affected by this policy who believes that they have exceptional circumstances in respect of failure to notify the Branch of any change to their membership status may submit a written case for consideration by the Branch Executive.

4. The Branch Secretary will ensure that correspondence to new members of the Branch will include specific reference to this policy.