The Gonski schools funding package is getting results in schools. But Malcolm Turnbull plans to cut Federal government support beyond 2017.

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What is Gonski?

In 2012, the landmark Gonski Review found that too many Australian children were missing out due to a lack of resources in our schools.

It recommended a shift to a needs-based funding model, plus a short-term injection of funds to help address disadvantage.

The Gonski needs-based funding model, introduced in 2014, is designed to give schools the resources they need to deliver a high-quality education to each and every student.

This needs-based funding model has been a great success so far. But the Turnbull government wants to scrap Gonski after 2017 – right when the bulk of the money was scheduled to be delivered.

That means those kids in under-resourced schools across Australia will be denied the support and opportunities they need to reach their potential.

I Give a Gonski is a nation-wide campaign – uniting parents, teachers, students and the broader community in the call for fairer and better targetted school funding. 


How is Gonski working?

Under the Gonski funding boost, schools are able to employ the staff and programs needed to improve student achievement.

This is being done through measures such as:

  • reducing class sizes
  • increased training for teachers
  • providing greater assistance for students with disabilities
  • employing additional specialist teachers in areas such as literacy and numeracy.

What's this got to do with the AEU?

Gonski funding gives principals, teachers and ES the resources they need to meet the professional demands of their jobs – and make a real difference to student outcomes. 

AEU Victoria was proud to play an instrumental role in getting Gonski funding on the public radar, particularly during the 2016 federal election.

AEU Victoria members responded in large numbers to our call-out for help, and hit the ground running through door-knocking, phoning members and holding rallies. We also ran TV and newspaper ads, mobile billboards, leaflets and targeted digital advertising.

We know Australians want Gonski needs-based funding for their schools.

The Turnbull government has walked away from its earlier commitment to deliver.

We’re not going anywhere. We will continue to highlight the real difference proper needs-based funding makes for all students across Australia.

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