Awards announced: Sub-branch, Region and Rep of the Year

AEU Victoria has presented awards for the Sub-Branch of the Year and the Region of the Year at its second annual reps conference, which was attended by more than 100 reps and activists from schools, TAFEs, disability centres and preschools across the state. These awards follow the announcement of the 2017 Rep of the Year.


2018 Sub Branch / Workplace of the Year Award: Brunswick North Primary School

We had nominations from 12 sub-branches for this award, which was presented to Brunswick North Primary School. 

The reasons behind awarding Brunswick North Primary School include:

  • Brunswick North Primary School sub-branch has a strong core group of members who work together to grow membership and the knowledge and capacity of all members
  • When the sub-branch was first formed in 2009, it had around 20% teacher membership. Since then, members have built and maintained over 90% teacher membership and increased their ES membership to nearly 50%
  • The sub-branch takes advantage of training opportunities such as Level 1 reps training as well as encouraging members to participate in other programs, such as the WILD, project officer roles and the Women's Conference
  • The sub-branch sends representatives to every regional meeting so they can present their views to leadership, their organiser and the regional executive. They schedule sub-branch meetings afterwards and update members on key issues
  • They communicate with members by forwarding reps' bulletins and regularly updating the AEU noticeboard, with not only AEU information but relevant action being taken within the broader union movement
  • The sub-branch presents members' views through the consultative committee
  • The sub-branch has regular AEU social events that are inclusive of all staff. When recruiting new staff, the executive team identifies who is best placed to approach them and what strategies could work
  • In their own words: "Our sub-branch is a success due to the enthusiasm of members and their commitment to improving public education."


2018 Region of the Year Award: Inner City region

Three regions were nominated for this award, with all doing a fantastic job in focusing on recruitment, campaign activities, encouraging new members to participate at the regional level and supporting union campaigns outside our sector. The award went to the Inner City region for the following reasons:

  • Representatives from schools, ES, EC and TAFE/TAP plan to become a stronger cross sector
  • Meetings are well-attended by reps from local schools
  • Meetings are attended by councillors and chaired by members, with a concerted effort made to share the speaking 
  • Meetings follow the AEU regional meeting agenda
  • The region collectively tries to solve issues and come up with strategies to increase engagement
  • There has been strong engagement with other union campaigns, including supporting them through donations
  • The region has sent delegations to state and federal MPs and there are plans to support a targeted seat in the forthcoming election campaigns
  • Regional meetings always refer to the region's GAP plan
  • Members discuss growth and density successes and share ideas
  • Members consciously engage in succession planning by bringing in newer members.


2017 Rep of the Year Award: Stacey Doleman (Boneo Primary School)

We were also delighted to announce Stacey Doleman as 2017 Rep of the Year last November. Stacey is known for being a passionate and strong AEU representative at Boneo Primary School. She has been proactive in gaining 100% AEU membership at her school by actively communicating when AEU meetings are on and sharing the outcomes of meetings with all staff. She keeps abreast of forthcoming issues, canvasses staff opinions and has a strong connection with AEU members, inside her school and beyond.

Staff find her approachable and enthusiastic and know that when they come to her with a problem or question she will happily find a solution. She always has the staff's best interests at heart, is strong advocate at consultative meetings and maintains great relationships with leadership to enable change in a positive manner.

Congratulations to Stacey and all our other winners!