Advice Sheets

TAFE: Commencing salary

Publish date: 21/08/2017
Summary: Key points The following entitles an employee to entry level at Teacher 1.1: Qualifications (Academic or Trade) Work/Industrial Equivalent Bachelor Degree or equivalent 2 years 2 year post Year 12 Diploma or equivalent 3 years Certificate IV or equivalent 4 years Certificate III or equivalent 8 years Completion of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or its equivalent) entitles teachers to enter at Teacher 1.2. Completion of an AQF5 level course of teacher training with supervised teaching practice and studies...

TAFE: Class sizes

Publish date: 21/08/2017
Summary: There is no prescriptive student/teacher ratio but management of TAFE class sizes must include consideration of occupational health and safety issues, including: educational program requirements the type of learning activities facilities and equipment to be used maturity and competency of students teacher experience. Staff and student safety is the priority in vocational education and training and potential hazard assessments should be used when determining class sizes. Teachers with OHS concerns should raise them with their manager in writing and discuss...

TAFE: Casual or sessional employment

Publish date: 21/08/2017
Summary: Key points Only to be used: to replace a teacher on leave for 20 to 30 days or the work performed does not exceed 8 hours per week or by mutual agreement up to 21 hours in one week to a maximum of 720 hours per year. No casual employee can exceed 40 hours teaching in a two week roster period. Meetings and professional development are not part of 720 hours and attendance shall be paid for additionally by the employer at the agreed rate. Casual employees are not entitled to personal/carer’s leave. Casual employees must be informed of their rights to...