Advice Sheets

Schools: Gaining ongoing employment

Publish date: 08/03/2017
Summary: Ongoing employment is the standard method of employment in Victorian state government schools. There are reasons, however, for schools to offer fixed-term contracts.  Staff should be employed in an ongoing capacity except: When covering people on leave, including (but not limited to) parental absence. When it is linked to funding, including (but not limited to) student support funding for education support staff. Where ongoing employment could result in potential redundancies (excess). Where a fully qualified teacher is not available so a less than fully...

Schools: Is your workload excessive? A checklist

Publish date: 08/03/2017
Category: Principals
Summary: Do you teach more than 22½ hours a week (if  you teach primary)? Do you teach more than 20 hours face to face (if  you’re a secondary teacher)? Do you teach more face to face hours than is provided for in your school’s long-term planning document related to workload? Do you take more extras (or have less planning time) than is specified in your school’s long-term planning document? Do you take more yard duty than other teachers without good reason? Do you regularly have more than two hours of  compulsory meetings per week? Do you miss out on Time off in...

Victorian school term dates to 2020

Publish date: 08/03/2017
Summary: Victorian school term dates can be found here. A full list of Victorian public holidays can be found here. 2017 Term 1 - 30 January to 31 March Term 2 - 18 April to 30 June Term 3 - 17 July to 22 September Term 4 - 9 October to 22 December 2018 Term 1 - 29 January to 29 March Term 2 - 16 April to 29 June Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December 2019 Term 1 - 29 January to 5 April Term 2 - 23 April to 28 June Term 3 - 15 July to 20 September Term 4 - 7 October to 20 December 2020 Term 1 - 28 January to 27 March  Term 2 -...

Schools: Annual leave loading

Publish date: 25/05/2017
Summary: Annual leave loading is a benefit won by members as part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement. All employees receive their leave loading in December. The allowance is 17.5% of four weeks’ salary. The allowance is calculated on the amount of paid service (in aggregate) for the period December 1 to November 30. Payment is automatically paid to eligible employees in December each year. You must be employed on November 30 in that year to be eligible. Allowances (higher duties, special payments, etc.) are included. If you have ceased employment and are re-...