Advice Sheets

OHS: Managing changes to work practices

Publish date: 13/07/2017
Summary: At best, the introduction of new technology in the workplace can make our lives easier. But when new software is introduced without proper systems, protocols and supports, it can actually increase workload and stress – and that’s when it can become an OHS issue. This information sheet contains advice on how to implement new learning management and communication systems in a way that is positive, fair and democratic.  Within our incredibly diverse public education system, we are constantly striving to improve work practices to impact positively on student learning...

OHS: Occupational violence in schools and other education settings

Publish date: 13/07/2017
Summary: Our public education system is proud to work with a diverse range of students, parents and guardians in the local community. AEU members work with integrity, inspiration and dedication to provide the best care, educational opportunities and experiences possible to students. The AEU campaigns to ensure that adequate resources and supports are provided to support the teaching and learning process in our schools, centres and TAFEs. During their work, principals, managers, teachers, education support staff, instructors, students and clients may encounter or be subjected to...

OHS: Role differentiation

Publish date: 12/07/2017
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OHS: Heat – does your workplace have a policy?

Publish date: 12/04/2017
Summary: Every summer heat causes concerns in schools and workplaces across the state. Exposure to heat and/or excessive heat can cause: Skin rashes Headaches Dehydration Heat cramps Heat exhaustion/stroke. Heat can also aggravate existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and skin conditions. In addition, it is accepted that heat exposure can lead to loss of concentration and efficiency, and increase the potential for incidents and accidents. Exposure to heat in the workplace is therefore an OHS issue that must be addressed. The...