Who we are

At AEU Victoria, our members make us who we are. We are as diverse, spirited and multi-talented as the nearly 50,000 members we represent, including principals, education support staff and teachers working in public schools, early childhood, TAFE, AMES, and disability services.

Our leadership is democratically elected by members, and we are proud to work for you.

Meet the leadership team

Meredith Peace President AEU Victoria

Meredith Peace - Branch President

Meredith did a science degree with a plan to work in environmental science. But she decided teaching would give her the chance to put her scientific knowledge into action. Read more

Meredith joined the union as a student and quickly got active at her new school. She was active in the sub-branch's efforts to improve the school’s consultative committee. She was elected sub-branch president in her second year, then progressed to branch council and, in 1990, branch executive. In 2001, Meredith was elected as deputy vice president of secondary, and the rest is history.

Despite not originally intending to become a teacher, Meredith is passionate about public education and equity, and was proudly educated in public schools. Neither of her parents went beyond Year 10 at school, and they wanted a different future for their children. They imbued Meredith with an understanding of the importance of education, and a strong sense of community.


Erin Aulich Vice President, Secondary AEU Victoria

Erin Aulich - Branch Secretary

Erin began her teaching career at Fountain Gate Secondary College, having completed a double degree in health promotion and education. Read more

She has taught science, maths and health in Victoria and overseas, including a year spent teaching English in South Korea, and worked as a year level coordinator. After taking on the role of AEU representative at her school, she participated in several union campaigns and was elected to AEU council.

It was participating in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project that made Erin determined to work for the AEU, having learned more about the history and achievements of the union movement. She wanted to influence change on a bigger scale and is proud to represent members as the AEU fights for needs based funding and equity within the education system.

She started out in the Member Support Unit (now MSC) for two years before being elected as the AEU’s deputy vice president of secondary in 2010. Three years later, she went on to take up the vice president role before being appointed Branch Secretary in July 2018.


Justin Mullaly Deputy President AEU Victoria

Justin Mullaly - Deputy President

Justin became a union member while he was still at university studying his diploma of education, and soon got involved with the newly-formed New Educators Network. As a graduate teacher at Princes Hill Secondary, he kept putting his hand up for more opportunities with the union, and four years later Justin began working at the AEU. Read more

Justin still misses the buzz he got as a teacher when he'd look around the classroom and realise, "This is working!"

In his current role as deputy president of AEU Victoria, Justin loves winning hard-fought campaigns on behalf of members. He believes public education is the cornerstone of democracy, and is inspired by the work teachers do each and every day.


Martel Menz Vice President, Early Childhood AEU Victoria

Martel Menz - Deputy Secretary

Growing up with teachers in the family, Martel was drawn to teaching from a young age and pursued a career as an early childhood teacher.  Her first taste of union activism came in her second year of teaching when early childhood teachers and educators took stopwork action.  Seeing the profession all gathered with a common goal of advancing salaries and conditions, Martel was hooked and soon joined the early childhood sector council.  It was the realisation that the union was central to combating injustice in education, for both educators and students. Read more

Fast-forward to 2008 and Martel was elected as Deputy Vice President Early Childhood.  It was in this role, in 2014, that she helped lead an industrial campaign to again pursue better salaries and conditions for the early childhood profession.  She vividly remembers standing on the stage at the 2014 stopwork action, looking out at all the early childhood teachers and educators who had closed their kindergartens and come together to stand up for their rights for the first time in 10 years.  It’s moments like these that energise her.  For Martel, unionism is all about the collective and it’s with this passion that she has worked on member campaigns to secure funding for 3 and 4 year-old universal preschool education, and to advance the status of the profession.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing educators claim their power and participate in campaigns.

In her new role as Deputy Secretary Martel is looking forward to working with members across all sectors on professional and industrial issues, to ensure all students have access to high-quality public education with professionals who are valued, resourced and recognised for some of the most important work in our society.  She is also committed to ensuring we have a strong, growing union that can achieve the best outcomes for members.


Elaine Gillespie Deputy Vice President, TAFE and Adult Provision AEU Victoria

Elaine Gillespie - Vice President, TAFE and Adult Provision

Elaine is a highly experienced teacher and veteran unionist who likes nothing better than getting out on the streets to campaign. She has doorknocked for two state elections now and is always impressed by how happy people are to talk once they discover she is a teacher.  Read more

Elaine started teaching beauty therapy when she first came to Australia from Scotland in 1991, although her union career dates back to her first gig in a fish and chip shop when she was 13. She taught at Ella Bache as a teacher and principal for seven years, before leaving to work as a program manager at Victoria University, overseeing the beauty programs.

Teaching remained her first love, however, and from 2010 she took a position in learning and teaching, where she found herself training trade teachers. Around the same time, she was elected sub-branch president at VU, finding that working with teachers across all the VU campuses gave her an ideal opportunity to talk about the union and develop relationships.

After joining branch council, Elaine was invited to take part in the Anna Stewart program, which was a turning point in her involvement with the AEU. Working alongside a group of likeminded women was a phenomenal experience and made her determined to pursue a career with the union. She held the office of Deputy Vice President of TAP from 2014-2019, during which time she was responsible for the disability and AMES sectors and discovered a passion for helping others.

As Vice President of TAP, she is particularly looking forward to helping members negotiate and implement new agreements, as well as continuing to raise awareness of the needs of TAFE, Disability and AMES.


Briley Duncan Vice President, Primary AEU Victoria

Briley Stokes - Vice President, Primary

Briley followed her mother’s footsteps into primary teaching. Both her parents were strong union members, and when Briley started teaching in 2003, she joined the AEU straight away. She signed up to the AEU New Educators Network and soon got hooked on activism. Read more

Briley attended her first federal conference as a New Educator observer, and soon afterwards took up a role on Branch Council and then on Branch Executive. After ten years of teaching, she was elected deputy vice president of primary in 2013 and elected vice president of primary in 2016.

If she wasn't in an elected role at the AEU, Briley would be back in the classroom in a flash – she misses seeing the students develop, and the tangible difference you can make as a teacher. But what really inspires her is when the AEU can help individual members or schools by providing resources, information and support when they need it.


Marino D’Ortenzio Deputy Vice President, Secondary AEU VIctoria

Marino D’Ortenzio - Vice President, Secondary

Marino joined the AEU in 2002 after the sub-branch at his Broadmeadows school identified him as “one of those brand new teachers who says yes to everything”. Read more

Luckily, the sub-branch was a great place to cut his union teeth, with a strong culture and good working relationships. Marino kept saying yes and was soon persuaded to nominate for Branch Council, convinced that being on council could help him to help his sub-branch. Like many of the current leadership team, he became active in the New Educators Network and was encouraged by experienced councillors to run for leadership roles.

In challenging times, Marino knows the importance of solidarity with members and the power of coming together for a shared purpose. His goal is to have schools and sub-branches working together to implement wins in the VGSA that can, for example, reduce contract employment through translations and reduce workload through measures like the Professional Practice Days.


Cara Nightingale Deputy Vice President, Early Childhood AEU VIctoria

Cara Nightingale - Vice President, Early Childhood

Cara taught for 15 years at Strong Drive Preschool in Hampton Park, southeast of Melbourne. She grew up in a strong union family – her dad was a union official. Unionism has always been part of Cara’s life, so when she started uni it was natural to join up as a student member. Read more

Cara didn’t get active in the union until she was five years into her career, but once she did, things moved quickly! She was invited to join Sector Council, and says that once she’d attended her first meeting she knew this was exactly what she wanted to be doing. She joined Branch Council, then Branch Executive, then completed the AEU’s ‘Women in Leadership’ program. From there, it was an easy choice to accept an invitation to stand for deputy vice president of early childhood. After three years in that position, she was elected vice president.

Activism, advocacy, and leadership play a strong part in Cara’s vision for early childhood educators. She sees these elements as an essential part of the educator role, but believes more members need to recognise how they can exercise them broadly, as part of everyday practice.


Elaine Gillespie Deputy Vice President, TAFE and Adult Provision AEU Victoria

Phil Smith - Deputy Vice President, TAFE and Adult Provision

Phil began his working life as an apprentice Carpenter in the 1980s and studied at the local TAFE. Working in construction he saw the value of union membership and the many benefits it brings to a worker’s life. Read more

He has been a TAFE teacher for 18 years and got involved in the AEU sub-branch soon after joining. The professional approach of the AEU and the support it gives members motivated him to become a councillor on the TAFE/TAP committee and on branch council. Phil has witnessed the severe effects of marketisation and funding cuts on the TAFE system. He has been active in campaigning and lobbying for TAFE on a state and national level.

As Deputy Vice President in the TAFE and TAP sector, he is looking forward to working with members, seeing the hard-won TAFE teacher award implemented across the state and ensuring the renewed support promised by the Victorian government. He believes a strong AEU not only benefits its members but empowers them to be the best they can be for their students.


Seir Holley Deputy Vice President, Primary AEU Victoria

Seir Holley - Deputy Vice President, Primary

Seir is currently a leading teacher at Keilor Heights Primary School. Both of Seir’s parents were teachers, so a career in education was natural. Her parents were both strong unionists too, so joining the AEU was also natural! Read more

Seir says her experience working with strong union women at Footscray North Primary School opened her eyes to the real power of unions. These women showed Seir the positive influence a union can have in a workplace by having a very active sub-branch.

Once she became confident in her teaching role, Seir was able to find some additional time for union activity. In 2010, she joined Branch Council, which was critical in helping her learn the bigger picture about how government and policies influence what happens in schools – and how unions and their members influence what happens in government.

Seir undertook the Anna Stewart Memorial Project union internship in 2013, and then the AEU’s Women in Leadership Development program. In 2015 Seir nominated for and was elected to the position of deputy vice president of primary.


Deb Fischer – Deputy Vice President, Secondary 

Deb sees herself as a reluctant activist, but is very bad at saying no when faced with injustice and inequality. Read more

She has been an office-bearer in the Peninsula AEU region for 15 years, and active in a wide range of AEU and broader union campaigns. In 2013, she was selected to be part of the inaugural Women in Leadership Development (WiLD) program and, three years later, was elected to Branch Council.

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and History (while working full time in public administration), Deb started her teaching career as a Tech School teacher in Melbourne’s western suburbs back in the 1980s. She joined the sub-branch in her first year and has since been the sub-branch rep in five different schools. These days, she teaches History and Humanities at Rosebud Secondary College.

As a practising teacher, Deb understands the day-to-day issues confronting Victorian teachers and encourages them to join their union. She believes that all teachers want to be involved in improving conditions in schools for both their students and their colleagues. To do this effectively, she says, they need the support and solidarity provided by the AEU.


Lily Ames - Deputy Vice President, Early Childhood

Lily Ames - Deputy Vice President, Early Childhood

Lily graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2011. She was active in the student union while at uni and signed up as a student member of the AEU during her final year of study.  Read more

It was during AEU's Protect Our Preschools campaign in 2014 that Lily began to realise her passion for advocating for teachers and educators. In 2017, she became a workplace rep at the City of Yarra and joined the bargaining committee for the Yarra enterprise agreement, working tirelessly over 18 months to achieve the best possible outcome for all of the council's 1000 workers.

Later that year, Lily joined the EC Sector council and became the first EC member to participate in the Anna Stewart Memorial project, where she met other fantastic union women and really came to define herself as a strong feminist with aspirations of achieving equality for all. Since then, she has worked as a Project Officer, visiting over 200 workplaces and recruiting members.

Lily’s passion for social justice and equality continue to shape her work at the AEU.

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