There are so many reasons to be an AEU member - for advice about pay and conditions, support with disputes, legal representation, our change-making campaigns, training and leadership development, exciting new opportunities, a sense of community… the list goes on.

But don’t just take it from us - let our members fill you in.

Teacher, Cambridge Primary School

I’m proud that the union is supportive of the Safe Schools Coalition. It's such an important program and the fact that the AEU is 100% behind it sends a strong message publicly around what public schools stand for: equality, diversity, fairness.

Leading Teacher – Pathways and Transitions, Tarneit Senior College

Teaching can be a career where it’s mainly just you and the kids, and you can feel a bit alone sometimes. But being a member of the AEU makes you feel that you’re part of something bigger, and as a collective we have a lot of power. When the strike happened, it felt like the government had to listen to us, because there was so many of us, united with one voice.

Principal, St Andrews Primary School

When you’re a teacher, there's a lot of collegiate support, but as a principal at a small school, I don't have an assistant principal or a leadership team to talk with. The union understood the need for that support from the start, and made the effort to visit and phone.

Teacher, Northern School for Autism

When the AEU won the laptops case in the Federal Court, I got money back from the Department of Education … It made me think, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve been paying all this money on a laptop that I was forced to get, in order to do my job!’ Now I get to spend that money on other things!

Learning Skills and Assessment Unit teacher, Melbourne Polytechnic

We worked with the union to stop our management increasing our teaching load to 1000 hours – which would have totally contradicted our agreement. The AEU really gave me the power to make a difference.

Principal and Former joint principal Sussex Heights Primary School

We both have young families, and thought it would be perfect if we could share the job of principal so we could be at home part-time - but we weren’t sure if it was doable.  The AEU gave us the support and professional learning we needed to put it into action.

Teacher, Ainslie Parklands Primary School

Before I joined the AEU I didn’t think I had what it took to be a leader. I was really nervous about stepping up. But the union training really helped me get over my fears.

Teacher, Sunshine Special Development School

If the AEU hadn’t fought against performance pay and won, things would be so different at my school. Teachers would be stressing out and jumping through hoops just to get the pay they deserve.

Teacher, Heatherdale Kindergarten

I was threatened with an unlawful redundancy, but the union fought for me and helped me save my job. It was a really hard time. I’d sometimes call the union feeling shaky and flustered, but by the time I hung up I’d feel back in control.

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