Advice Sheets

Good consultation in the workplace

Category: School Teachers, Principals, Education Support
Summary: What is consultation? Consultation is the process of involving relevant persons to influence decision-making. What should we consult about? Schools are busy places and there are lots of issues, events and decisions that are made on a daily basis by different staff and groups. Any issue that involves significant workplace change or that will affect working arrangements is deserving of consultation. For example: Implementation of a new curriculum model or program. Changes to workplace structures and roles. Yard duty, time allowances and special payments....

Good meetings

Category: TAFE
Summary: Good meetings don't just happen. They are planned, have structure, are well chaired and make decisions that are implemented. It is the duty of all participants to: listen to each other be time efficient respect the decisions made Keys to a good meeting Agendas should be circulated in advance (wherever possible). A chairperson must be designated. Chairing should be purposeful, efficient and fair. Chairperson should refrain from debate. Minutes must be taken and only decisions recorded. AEU standing orders should be known. Speaking times...

Health & safety representative (HSR)

Category: Early Childhood
Summary: The HSR performs a key role in the operation of a workplace. The primary role of the HSR is to bring to the attention of the employer or their representative matters relating to the health and safety of employees. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) provides for employees to establish a Designated Work Group (DWG). This group of employees in a workplace can establish a DWG. They are then in a position to elect one or more HSR’s and their deputies (see for more details). It is AEU advice that one DWG is usually adequate for each worksite....

Holiday leave loading

Category: TAFE
Summary: Key points Paid in the last pay in August each year (unless otherwise agreed by the AEU and your employer). Paid as 17.5% of 4 weeks’ ordinary time earnings. Pro rata payments made to part-time employees and those employed for less than a full calendar year. Upon termination of employment, pro rata payments will be made.