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Excess hours

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Category: TAFE
Summary: Excess teaching duties Definition Teaching duties in excess of the limit in the roster or workplan as allocated by the employer and agreed to by the teacher at the start of a roster period or semester. Rosters and workplans must be in accordance with the maximum annual and weekly teaching and scheduled duties hours (unless varied by agreement with the teacher and kept within semester or 10 week averaging limits). Teaching duties in excess of 800 hours per annum. Note: Maximum teaching duties: Weekly 21 Hours/ Annual 800 hours Maximum scheduled duties: Weekly...

Expenses — work related

Category: TAFE
Summary: Key points The employer shall reimburse an employee for any prior approved and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. The expenses must be actually and necessarily incurred in the course of their authorised duties. A reasonable expense does not exceed the relevant amount set by the Australian Tax Office. If exceeding the ATO amount, the employer is only required to reimburse to that amount. Expenses beyond ATO limits require prior authorisation by the employer. Allowable expenses include: travelling, accommodation, meals other incidental expenses...

Fixed-term (contract) employment

Category: TAFE
Summary: Key points Fixed-term employment should be offered where: staff on leave require replacement funding of the position is not ongoing new or short-term programs are introduced declining enrolments threaten viability of a course employee with current industry experience is required. Letter of appointment should include: starting date completion date (where applicable) classification and rate of pay hours of duty/times of attendance main terms and conditions applicable reasons for fixed-term employment. Time...

Getting a teaching job

Category: School Teachers
Summary: Preparing Who you are What are your domain areas? (for example, IT/Japanese). What other competencies and skills can you offer to a school community? How can you or do you engage in extra curricula activities? What strengths and personal characteristics do you possess? Remember you can’t be who you are not, but you can be clear about what you aspire to be. What are you passionate about? What do you wish to do? How can/do you support your students in their development? How do you familiarise yourself with your students’ developmental stage and assist them...