Advice Sheets

Attendance time

Category: TAFE
Summary: TAFE teachers are employed for 38 hours per week (pro rata for part time) for 52 weeks per year. This includes: 4 weeks annual leave 42 weeks attendance time. Managers cannot require you to attend beyond 42 weeks. 30 hours attendance per week (21 hours teaching/5 hours scheduled duties/4 hours unscheduled duties). Managers cannot require you to attend beyond 30 hours per week. 8 hours of non scheduled but accountable duties each week These 8 hours of professional work are to be undertaken at a time and place chosen by the teacher. The...


Category: TAFE
Summary: Key points Weekly teaching duty hours can be increased for a short period of time. Consultation and agreement with the teachers involved must occur. Teachers cannot unreasonably refuse. The averaging must occur over one semester with no more than 21 teaching duty hours or 26 scheduled duties as an average for the semester.

Breast-feeding and lactation breaks

Category: Early Childhood
Summary: Employees who breast-feed at work should be supported and treated with dignity and respect. Definitions Breastfeeding: For the purpose of this policy, breastfeeding also includes expressing milk. Lactation breaks: Breaks taken by mothers to express breast milk or to breast-feed their baby. Overview Employers should foster a supportive work environment for breast-feeding employees by: Providing suitable areas for employees to express breast milk or breast-feed Providing lactation breaks during work hours Supporting flexible work options Ensuring that all...

Casual conversion

Category: TAFE
Summary: The Victorian TAFE Teaching Staff Multi-Enterprise Agreement (MEA) gives casual teachers greater opportunities for more secure employment. The AEU ­encourages casual teachers who meet the eligibility criteria to take up these opportunities. The opportunities for converting from casual to non-casual employment are laid out in the MEA. Casual teachers should note that on appointment, their managers must inform them of their rights to conversion, any qualifying periods and the application procedures. No casual teacher should have their hours reduced, their employment...