Advice Sheets

Annual leave

Category: TAFE
Summary: Key points Twenty days leave for each 12 months of continuous service. Pro rata applies for part time employees. Accrues at 1.67 days for each completed month of employment. Must be taken within 15 months of accrual (unless otherwise agreed). To be taken at a mutually agreed time. Leave of four weeks duration shall not be unreasonably refused. Single day leave (not exceeding 10 per annum) cannot be unreasonably refused. Unused annual leave shall be paid out in full on resignation or retirement. On termination of employment, leave taken in advance...

Annual leave loading

Category: School Teachers, Principals, Education Support
Summary: Annual leave loading is a benefit won by members as part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement. All employees receive their leave loading in December. The allowance is 17.5% of four weeks’ salary. The allowance is calculated on the amount of paid service (in aggregate) for the period 1 December to 30 November. Payment is automatically paid to eligible employees in December each year. You must be employed on 30 November in that year to be eligible. Allowances (higher duties, special payments, etc.) are included. If you have ceased employment and are re-...

Annual review of performance

Category: TAFE
Summary: The review must be part of the institute performance appraisal system, consistent with the following principles: agreement reached between employer and employee as to its purpose purpose must be clear to all confidentiality must be agreed to feedback must flow both ways appropriate resources, training, support and development must be available equal opportunity principles shall apply. Note: There should be no surprises at reviews. Performance issues should be dealt with when they arise, not held back until a review is held. Deferment of an increment...

Annual workload

Category: TAFE
Summary: The annual employment for a TAFE teacher is 1,976 hours. This includes: 52 weeks employment 1,976 hours Less four weeks annual leave 152 hours Less 10 public holidays 76 hours Leaving 1,748 hours   1,748 Accountable Annual Hours comprises: 800 hours teaching duty hours (less allowances) 160 hours scheduled duty hours (including 30 hours PD) 400 hours preparation and correction 388 hours agreed and accountable self-directed hours The 800+160 hours above should all be timetabled within 42 weeks of annual attendance.