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Greg Barclay is AEU vice president of TAFE and adult provision (TAP). Elaine Gillespie is the AEU's deputy vice president (TAP). Administrative support is provided by Ann Dettenberg. You can contact them on (03) 9417 2822.

TAFE4All - campaigning for public TAFEs

TAFE4ALL was set up in response to the state government's "Victorian Training Guarantee" policy, which introduced contestability for funding in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. This move has been at the core of the dismantling of public TAFE institutes across the state.

TAFE has been forced to compete with low-quality private operators that often use unscrupulous and misleading methods to recruit students and attract government funding.

TAFEs have been struggling to maintain quality and accessibility while competing for funding with these operators, which have been poorly regulated and not required to offer minimum hours for courses.

The TAFE4ALL campaign played a significant role in the defeat of the Coalition government in 2014 - a government that had slashed $300 million a year to TAFE funding. These cuts have led to course closures, skyrocketing student fees, thousands of teacher job losses and left the very survival of the public TAFE system in doubt.

But the work of the TAFE4ALL campaign is far from over.

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The TAFE4ALL campaign will continue to oppose any and all policies that undermine our public TAFE system.

Join the TAFE4All campaign here.

TAFE news

Your pay and conditions
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Your bulletins and publications
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TAFE Agreement A-Z
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Casual conversion
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TAFE professional development
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TAFE sub-branch meetings
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AEU conference for TAFE, Disability Services and AMES members
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TAFE policies and submissions
The AEU is the voice of public education in Victoria; it sends submissions on behalf of members to government and parliamentary inquiries, reviews and consultation. This page contains AEU policies and submissions relating to TAFE. more...

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