About the AEU

AEU Victoria is the Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union the federal union for teachers, principals, education support staff and all educators working in government schools and government-funded early childhood, TAFE and adult education. The AEU is the union for those who work in Day Services, Business Services officers, Employment officers, Program Managers and CEOs who work in the disability sector in Victoria.

With approximately 48,000 members, the AEU campaigns for education professionals, for public education and for social justice.

Formed in 1995 from the merger of the Federated Teachers Union of Victoria, the Victorian Teachers' Union and the Kindergarten Teachers Association of Victoria, it brought to an end a century of disunity among teacher unions and created a united voice for the profession. Read more of the history of teacher unionism in Victoria here.

What we do

AEU Victoria caters for the personal, professional and industrial needs of its members. We work with you to improve your conditions of employment and to advance your professional interests. We promote the value of the work of our members within society.

Personal assistance

If you experience a problem, or simply need professional advice, AEU staff will support, advise and represent you.

Our Member Support Centre is your first point of contact by telephone, email, fax, letter or by appointment. AEU organisers visit workplaces regularly and are available to members. Our capacity to refer members for an initial free legal consultation on any matter is much appreciated.

Professional support and advocacy

The AEU takes up professional issues on your behalf, as individuals or as groups, from teaching and learning to career advancement and professional development. We provide PD directly and through Teacher Learning Network (TLN), the agency co-funded by the AEU and based at our head office.

We promote the value of public education and the role played by our members. We invest in raising public awareness of educational issues, promoting public education through paid advertising and unpaid media to ensure it remains the prime political issue in Victoria.

Industrial representation

The AEU liaises with employers of your behalf. We lobby and negotiate to improve the working conditions and salaries of members and address key issues facing the profession. It is important that salaries, workload and contract employment issues are addressed so that teaching is a highly regarded profession able to attract and retain those best suited to the profession.

A host of benefits

Membership of the AEU and the 2 million-strong Australian union movement brings a host of benefits through our partners, affiliations - and buying power. Read more about what the AEU can do for you here.

Public education statement
The AEU is a proud campaigner for high quality, free public education, accessible to all regardless of ability to pay. This statement has been adopted by the union in Victoria as an expression of our beliefs. more...

Teacher unionism has formally existed in Victoria since 1886 and the creation of the State School Teachers' Union of Victoria. But any unity was short-lived until the creation of the AEU in 1995. more...

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